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Friday Foodie & Beer Tour

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Our Friday Foodie & Beer tour offers you a glimpse into Ecuador’s rich culture through food from various regions that surround the greater “Community” neighborhood. Our tour, while structured, also promises to be flexible and feed off of the group’s curiosity and taste – while you will be able to taste-as-you-go, you may also purchase some more while there.


The tour starts at Community Hostel at 7:00pm and ends in the beautiful neighborhood of La Ronda, a quaint and picturesque street in the historic center where you may wrap up your night to the rhythm of typical Ecuadorian nightlife, food, and drinks.

This tour takes place only on Friday’s at 7:00pm and has a cost of $25 per person.

Join us — eat like a real Ecuadorian and get a real taste of the small hidden treasures of this country’s varied and yummy cuisine!

Read some customer reviews below:

“I was lucky enough to be in Quito on a handful of weekends and every time I was, I went on the Community food tour! It was a great way to get a cheap dinner, with local suggestions, information on the food and the city and to meet fellow travelers. Quito is just so beautiful and lively at night, but I wasn’t confident going out on my own in the city after dark, so this was great for that, too!  I loved the way you could pick and choose, and especially share dishes. It was also great to try some of the local alcohol – as sweet and strong as it is. I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone staying in the Old Town… But don’t worry too much if you miss it, Community Hostel also do a reasonably priced and delicious dinner in house! Buen provecho and disfrútate de la comida.” – Rebecca from Ecuador

“What better way to spend a few hours than eating, drinking and exploring a new city! We had great few hours on our first evening in Quito wandering the cobbled streets, eating local (delicious) foods from cosy restaurants and cafes and trying some native beverages in some of the colorful bars! Community Adventures provided a safe and interesting walking tour in the old town; not only teasing our taste buds with a fusion of local delights, smells and culture but also giving us ‘food for thought’ and ideas of where we could return to and eat for the remainder of our stay. Definately recommend taking this tour, suitable for the young and old alike (and inexpensive) – great exposure to the local culture (we always start our stay in a new place with a foodie walking tourwhere possible) – just make sure you go hungry because it don’t want to miss out on anything…..!” – Stephanie from Melbourne, Australia

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