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Rafting Tena tour

Tena RaftingLooking for a world class adventure? Our Rafting Day Tour in Tena will give you just that, and more! Raft your way through this region — known for hosting the world rafting championship — and witness this fun-filled activity in the midst of the Amazon jungle!

We take off early morning from the Community Adventures headquarters, to begin our journey to Tena.

This tour takes you out to the Llangantes National Park, where you will have the chance to do a half day of rafting (3 hours) down the Jatun Yacu river, which in Quichua means “Big Water”.

After the rapids and rafting, we will enjoy lunch by the river and begin the journey back to the big city. This is the perfect tour for those of you thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies!


Rafting Day Tour

6:00amPick up at Community Adventures / Begin journey to Tena, boxed breakfast on the way.
10:00amArrive at the Llagantes National Park, where we ready our equipment and get ready to start rafting down the Jatun Yacu River. This is certified as Class 3 rafting.
1:00pmFInish up the rafting portion of your day, lunch will be served by the river bank.
2:00pmBegin our journey back to Quito :)